About Our Therapists

Illysa Waist shotIllysa Foster, M.Ed., LPA      

Illysa Foster provides her clients with a meaningful and trusting relationship. Clients feel comfortable exploring areas of vulnerability and loss, connecting bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts to inform their healing. Illysa helps individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma. She helps couples and families to reduce conflict and improve communication and intimacy. Parents seek out Illysa for advice and support for parenting infants, children and adolescents. Her unique specialty in treating women and their families in pregnancy, postpartum and early parenting has developed over ten years of serving that population.  Illysa is an independent practice Licensed Psychological Associate.

Jon Lasser is a psychologist who works with adolescents, children and families.  He offers a warm nurturing relationship for play and talk therapy.  He has experience working with children and adolescents who have ADHD, autism and learning disabilities. Jon leads an group for adolescent boys and another group for adolescents with autism.  He also offers psychoeducational assessments.  Dr. Lasser is a professor at Texas State University in the School Psychology Program.